Posted by: Sharique | July 14, 2006

History of my name

I was named ‘Shariq’ by my grandmother (who along with my mother are the 2 most respected women in my life). She claimed to have heard a divine voice regarding my name!! So my family didn’t object. I was the first child in my family and perhaps brought happiness on everyone’s face after years of suffering and hardships. I was pampered by my father and uncles. I had this name till class 9th. Then my mom did some numerology on my name and added ‘ue’ to it so it was ‘Sharique’ and still remains so. But people while pronouncing my name don’t stress on ‘a’ and i hate being called that way. So i have now an extra ‘a’ in my name. Hotmail,gmail,rediff,blogger you name it..its all shaarique. btw my ebay id is shaariquee 😀


class photo

Part of the dramatics team in school (ADLS sunshine, Jamshedpur)

School night dramatics


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