Posted by: Sharique | July 12, 2006

Research in a IIT

People talk at length and many flaunt about the prospects of research in IIT. Outsiders often wonder the level of research and the kind of equipments available in an IIT, the premier institute of engineering in the country. I have talked to people and they often express their awe at the facilities available in the labs here. Well the truth of matter is IITs exist because of JEE and not because of the research. IIT is ranked 5th in the world when it comes to Btech but that rank touches 3 figure when it comes to post graduate education. The reasons, well there are many and the most prominent among them is lack of funds. I understand India is still a developing country and to be at par with the world class institutes you need much more than brain power. No doubt Indians have out-performed their counterparts in US universities but with foreign facilities right?

My previous guide left his job in California to teach here in IIT Madras. But he soon realised that things are a lot different as they appear from outside. He resigned within 1 year and is now back to where he came from. Facilites are pathetic and so are the bureaucrat procedures to get a job done. Just to buy a book he had to wait for months!! Considering the fact that it is Madras, where are people are more educated compared to other parts of the country and it is expected of them to realise the value of time. Corruption is a lot lesser as compared to the place where i come from. (Bihar to be precise :P)

I had to take few print outs today. When i asked the person responsible, he denied me saying this is for the final copy ones so use the other one. Well this ‘other one’ was a wipro printer (perhaps the first one to be come on the scene!!). I was wondering how do u feed papers in it? Finally i left because i had no mood to experiment.

Update- I am sweating but still can’t switch on the fan! the reason; i am suffering from severe cold and would be comfortable if my fan runs at speed level 3. But the regulator doesn’t work! damn we pay 13,900 per semester to the hostel office which includes 3,500 as hostel maintenance charges and look what facility. If i lodge a complaint tomorrow then it would take weeks before someone is sent. Where does the money go? in the pockets of concerned officials! I have heard there has been lot of politics regarding allocation of mess contract and lot of exchanges below the table (unconfirmed reports say that there are a slew of court cases pending against the authority). Well so why is IIT ‘the’ institute in this country because you see its all relative!!

that’s my hostel


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