Posted by: Sharique | July 4, 2006

I live in a jungle

Today I got late for the second time in a row. The last time i got is the story
My entry (exhausted because of running…was late by 15 mins) “He is going to rape me today…no chance…May i come in Sir?”
Sir: “Sorry Sharique, I got late”
me: “No problem sir” 😀
Actually he also got late and assumed that i was on time….luck seems to favour me on rare occasions.

The reason, there monkeys in the wing! some were loitering and some searching for food in the dustbin. They then go for releaving themselves in the bogs and then finally drink water from the tap. There are monkeys every where!! infact there is rat beneath my bed, monkey in the wing, cat in the mess and aliens everywhere.



  1. what on earth are these monkey doing in th epics?? kahan se aye yeh sab?

  2. Yeh sab mere hostel ki pics hai..u see we live with monkeys 😛

  3. haha, i cant blve this.. u actuallly live wid em????

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