Posted by: Sharique | June 25, 2006

Chennai Bloggers meet

Got late because there were monkeys in the bogs (bathroom of graduate students) so i had to wait until they relieved themselves.

I don't know where to begin and where to end. I was like a dumb ass siting through out the meet. I was the only non-chennaite! Some people there were classmates, some college mates and some other mates. Well if u have to pic one guy who really impressed me, it has to be Varun. I have talked about arbit people on my blog who would never know that there's a guy called sharique who wrote about them!
His casual remarks and his kewlness impressed me. When u crack a joke then ur impassive face further augments its effect and he was a master at that. Normally you can notice a person's 30 teeth before and then 32 after he cracks one but then the effect is lost.
I always seem to like such people…LED how can i forget him!! he rocked in my 1st year and then kept doing that for next 3 years (well in other words he is a big fan of rock music and for me malyalam is music compared to rock! and he has always been my neighbour during our stay here)
I tried breaking my silence by talking about a blog i used to visit frequently "Her posts are really hilarious. I remember once she mentioned this incidence; her mother asked about her marriage but she was lost in her own world, she then exclaimed 'what a pregnant sparrow looked like' " i expected everyone to realise the irony of the situation but no one did and i ended up explaining them that look, a sparrow is itself a small creature and how awkward will it appear when pregnant but then suddenly an IITian remarked about it being a mammal so and so and so and expectedly he was raped for this.

But the fun was lost and I ended up making fool of myself.

It was the biggest gathering of bloggers chennai has ever seen, 25 and it had girls even. I had nothing to contribute to the discussion that was going on simply because i seldom visit someone else's blog (this is an exception) and they all were dedicated and avid bloggers. My blog stands no where in front of theirs, there have been just 1100 visitors on my blog since october 2005 and theirs is a well knit network of friends with hits in excess of several thousands
I was surprised to know that Anna nagar is not a part of chennai. I had this notion that it is one of the poshest areas here. In fact a localite suggested me that place for a hang out. I never found the place but the impression still lingers in me.
Anyways the meet was really exciting and i hope to be a part of them in future.
Here are the pics



  1. hahaha.. i can tell how excited and fun tht blog meeting was fr u.. lol

    i looked at the pics.. cool

    tel me how u can link such thngs to ur blog? i wana do somehng like this sorta..

    u take care

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