Posted by: Sharique | May 22, 2006

Terrorism and Islam

Basically terrorism can be divided in two streams. One by the virtue of ignorance and other by the virtue of extremely passion. Young minds are brain washed to take up to terror in madarsas by exhorting them on arguments like exploitation, subjugation and lack of freedom imposed by US on the Muslim world. They are made to feel that it’s their duty to bring back the power back to the Muslim world by any means possible. Religious concepts like Jihad and attainment of Jannah are modified according to their need and the whole theory is based on it. They are just trying to kindle the religious passion in the recruits and the masses so as to gain sympathy. These young minds are made to realise that this Zionist regime and the US are against Islam and so they should eliminate them at any cost. Lack of education and poverty forces them to take up arms. Few come into this because of atrocities afflicted upon them by anti-muslim powers.

The second streams of recruits are educated and well off youngsters who are brain washed to take up arms. A totally different approach is followed to persuade them. By making them aware of the deplorable condition of Muslims across the globe and the repercussions of US's political dominance over the Muslim world. They are exhorted on grounds of global realities and the consequences if this situation is left unattended. But the religious tools used here are the same.

If I consider this whole situation as a Muslim then the motivations are no doubt convincing. Muslims have become an object of exploitation all over the world. Be it the earthly heavens of Kashmir, the holy land of Palestine, gas rich Chechnya or the treacherous mountains of Afghanistan. Innocent Muslims are killed everyday on arguments of establishing democracy (Iraq), election results are manipulated to ensure pro-US governments (Egypt) and the Arab world forced to be a loyal partners of the US. Every possible technological advancement is met with resistance and obsolete technologies are thrown upon as alternatives.
Muslims around the world are being tortured, like for example the recent cartoon controversy. Our religious sentiments are constantly exploited and kindled for malicious objectives.


So you see the provocations were always present and it was a just a time before someone exploited it to meet the required objectives. Let us explore the causes of these inane activities carried out my so called 'Jihadis'.
Lot has been said regarding the debacle of Muslim ummah but I feel that lack of education amongst youth is a major factor behind it. Its one of the factors. In fact it’s really disappointing to see the condition of Imams and Muazzin in mosques. They usually come from a poor background and in most cases sent to Madarsa just because they are considered incapable for worldly activities. And it’s appalling that over the years that this group has become the religious guide of Muslims. This has lead to many conflicts in the past because the interpretation of Sharia laws were never safe in their hands. It’s ironic that women foreigners are admitted inside Jama masjid, Delhi just for appreciating the architectural beauty of it and on the other hand mosques across the country are so hostile towards the entry of women for salaat. The point I am trying to make is that the educated class should get involved in Imaamat. People who should have been leaders are not being led by fanatics like Imam Bukhari. Don't misunderstand me, I am not putting the entire blame on our ulemas; many of them have done a great job and the nooraniat that few families possess has no comparison. Just that the absence of educated class irks me. We need to encourage our children to take up this profession along with worldly education, as was the case with Ulemas during the peak of Islam in the Arab world.

The present situation has lot to teach us. And the most important one being to become more religious. Being a pious Muslim with open mindedness. We need to know what religious asks us to do.

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  1. I actually salute the jihads. It takes a lot to give up your life in what you believe, and even more so when you take the life of ten other who are against your belief along with you.

  2. Well definitely it is but these days there is corruption there even 😛
    I have a lot more to add to the post…

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