Posted by: Sharique | May 18, 2006

Few thoughts

Retrurned home last Saturday after a detour from Delhi. And just to clarify things, I went to meet my old friends…boy friends ok! As many were under the impression that this sudden plan bears resemblance to my crazy hyd trip last year so I though of clarifying things. The heat was intense but I still managed to meet shashank and manish (with his gf). Everyone is going through the same dilemma, gf se shaadi kaise?? More on that when I return next month. Busy these days with GRE preparations so just not in mood to write their love stories. I am so happy not to be involved in any such crap love shove…. Hearing a lot of news about lovers these of them burned herself because her bf refused to marry and the one crazy lover blew himself up at the marriage ‘matdap’ but failed in his attempt to kill the groom. People have gone crazy! They don’t realize a simple thing in life…MOVE ON! The other doesn’t even care for you. Why are you wasting your life contemplating on the 1001 reasons why (s)he left me!! People have their liabilities and weaknesses and don’t expect others to change for you and why should they?
I met one of my schoolmate in Delhi, had a casual conversation for few minutes and she finally left. She is on orkut so though of scrapping her but she was rude enough to delete my scrap. I don’t flirt with girls! And never have the intention to do so but still people always misunderstand me. I hope someday I am going to get someone who understands me! She might be beautiful and attractive but who cares! And if you happen to read this post then be abundantly clear about this…i am not after your single and unavailable status!


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