Posted by: Sharique | April 29, 2006

I hate exams!


I just hate exams. Its because i can't remember formulas these days! Basically these exams don't serve their purpose either; you mug a day before, vomit out everything the next day and forget everything the day after! These exams should be more open ended rather than repetition of what has been taught in class. Lay greater stress on the application of theory rather than the actual theory. C'mon you need to create practical people rather than idiots who just could scribble few damn formulas and ponder over the assumptions made to simplify the solution…use the computer!! anyways i screwed up my turbomachines exams because i just couldn't remember those equations. And yesterday i was also reminded of the last time i screwed my turbomachines paper 😦 Here is one poem someone mailed me (thanks a ton to the person for summing my feelings on that fateful evening) —
Jis ko main ne sachche dil se chaha tha,

Usi ne mere dil ko aaj kitna dukhaya tha,

Aankhon se dur sahi per dil k bahot paas thi,

Humsafar na sahi per jeene ki aas thi,

Ishq na sahi per ishq ki andaaz thi,

Mehboob(a) na sahi per meri humraaz thi.

Sheshe k dil mein utara tha use,

Pyar k gulshan mein sawara tha use,

Zindagi k her mod per pukara tha use,

Khwaabon mein bhi banaya sahara tha use.

Sheshe k dil mein use ghutan hone lagi,

Pyar k gulshan mein use khudhan hone lagi,

Mohabbat ki aag mein use jalan hone lagi,

Dil k dhadkan se use chubhan hone lagi.

Woh is dil se azaadi chahti thi,

Is kaidkhane se rehaayi chahti thi,

Ek din usne lafzoon ka teer chalaya,

Main ne apne dil ko toota-bikhra hua paaya,

Pehle is dil pe ek hi naam tha,

Ab her tukre per wahi naam tha.

Dukh zyada tha ya kam,

Is baat ka faisla kaise kare hum,

Ab jo chali gayi hai woh,

To dil k tukron ko kaise samete hum?

Phir bahot koshish k baad main ne apne dil ko joda,

Dil se aawaaz aayi "Kyon us k liye koi jagah nahin choda?

Abhi nadaan hai ,per jab hogi us mein shaoor,

Woh laut ker aayegi yahan zaroor"

Dil ko ab bhi yakeen hain us k aane ki,

Dil mein phir se apni jagah banane ki,

Kyon dil ko hai ab bhi us ka intezaar,

Kyon dil kerta hai usse itna pyaar???

and someone else added these lines

Kyonki yeh dil hai mere yaar….

Iski aadat hai karna intezaar ….

Chaye jode ya tode ise log,

Ye fir bhi rehta hai milne ko bekaraar….



  1. waisay i hate exams too! i guess dissertation is the best thng..
    but all i can say to u is.. good luck..

  2. who emailed u this poem?

  3. they r finally over 🙂 and the poem was written by someone u don’t know

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