Posted by: Sharique | April 6, 2006

My guide has resigned!

As i came to my room exhausted, after that crap documentary on human evolution, i was surprised to read my guide's mail that he wants me to meet him urgently. I rang him up and fixed up an appointment for the friday afternoon but i was so excited to meet him that i left immediately. Finally i met around 6 in the evening. And then he broke the news of his resignation citing reasons like his wife and daughter are having a tough time adjusting here so they are returning back to US. And my reaction impassive!! well i have always reacted to such news with my impassivity.. when she told me a no.. when someone told me suddenly that everything has been finalised and he is leaving for a for intern.. i showed no emotions at all! I usually adopt this when i am just too confused and infuriated at someone's complete rejection of my emotion. Ok no more on that.

He is leaving on 12th May and wants me to continue the project with he being a guide externally. I don't know how to react. He has promised me full support…just too confused! why should he be so friendly to me? He is a stud prof and very nice person, always helpful and i suppose i should go ahead.. lets see how things do turn up. I need to stick to this now. He assured me of the app.. canada is also a better option waterloo to be precise. 


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