Posted by: Sharique | April 5, 2006

Urge of a man to be unique

I finally managed something but not very satisfied with this write up 😦 planning to edit it lets see

Why does man urges to be unique? This urge to be unique can be attributed to many factors. Some want to be unique to bring out the peculiarity in them. They want to reveal their attitude by adopting a particular dress code or something related to personality. They expect people to appreciate them and also incorporate their style in their lives. Political leaders usually do that with regard to their dress code. For example the president of Fiji still sticks to primitive style of wrapping a piece of cloth to cover his lower half to show to the world that he is a proud Fijian and the contemporary fashions cannot deter him from his age old custom. But this stubbornness of his creates a divide between him and a non-Fijians thus seeds of enmity are sowed. So this raises a question on the extent of the urge of a man to be unique.

This uniqueness could also be related someone’s creativity. The more the unique the more original it is and thus more the appreciation someone receives. But on the other hand this urge to be unique can also lead to an idea completely absurd and it will be inane to go ahead with this idea just for sake of its uniqueness.

A man of caliber, e.g. – a scientist or a rich man, wants to be unique because he wants himself to be easily indentified in a crowd. This sense of show off creates in him a pride that he is a cut above the rest.

Thus this urge to be unique presents a dichotomy between genuineness and being pseudo unique!



  1. hmmm
    dont u thnk.. a man wants to b unique… or has an urge to b unique.. coz he wants other ppl to give him attention.. he watns to be the centre of attention.he wants ppl to know his talent! he wants to b well known in the society.. inever hav known anyman in ma life.. who can listen talking about some other man’s success or popularity! he will always answer u wid a statemnt like.. some day.. i wil blik ehim too! so tht ppl can recognize me as to who i am

    so the basic emphasis is mans urge to b unique as to show who he is…

    i guess.. im making sesne here.. ive got so many points but i dunno how to put them in a sent and make u understand them. im very bad at

  2. Thanks for the help 🙂 Included that “It is an inherent human nature to be jealous of someone’s success and has a constant urge to emulate him”

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