Posted by: Sharique | April 1, 2006

Indian muslim

This is my mail to the intense argument that was going on the group. Well no one replied to it 😦 sachchai karwee hoti hai πŸ˜›

The solution of this perceived conundrum could be debated for years without a conclusion.As a matter of fact i think the solution is more prosaic than you think it to be. Both duniya and akhiraat are equally important. There are certain things which are incumbent upon you as an individual muslim and then there are certain things as a part of the Ummah. We pray five times a day, fast, go to hajj and pay zakaat. Now these pillars of Islam has 2 aspects, one for ourselves and the other for the Ummah. Now we can pray namaaz in solitude but the reward of praying it in a jamaat far outweighs than that prayed alone, see the ummah is involved here. Similarly the skills that we imbibe as an engineer help us to earn. Now thats for individual sake, nothing for the ummah! Alhamdullilah we got an opportunity to study in one of the best engineering colleges in the world ( we should thank Allah for that…how many muslims are in IITs? perhaps 2 or at max 3%) so now its upto us to serve the Indian muslims with resources that we have, financially and knowledge wise.

We are a economically backward community in India and it irked me when few plotted to extract political mileage out of it by offering muslims reservations in government jobs. Well the only step muslims took to improve their financial position is by rendering their unskilled labour to the sheikhs of gulf. People go only to never return back. For them India offers them hindrance to their progress (the vast hindu majority) and so its lucrative for them to work abroad and send zakat to their poor indian muslim brothers and sisters! No doubt most of the muslim organisation in India are fuelled by petro dollars. How many muslims are on the business scene in India? How many are so called entrepreneurs? Intellectually what do we contribute to the country? How many pious muslims are in politics? (i just remember few in the parliament like the MP from meerut) and when someone talks about muslims playing a major role in politics they say its a dirty game (and all dirty muslims play this game) they say you need to do lot of things which are not in conformity with religion so stay away. When i told my parents about my intentions of becoming an IAS they immediately brain washed me, arguing that you are not allowed to take bribe, in islam, so there is no point in becoming an IAS! Similar is the case with other many other government jobs. Be abundantly clear about this that until and unless we occupy important positions in the government we cannot change the plight of muslims.

I had the opportunity to visit hyderabad last November and there i met Sadat sir (who happens to be a member of this group and he is an activist for the upliftment of muslims educationally). As we were walking together we happen to pass by the area of mehdipatnam and he exclaimed "all these houses are decorated with saudi money. Their children get the best of education and then they fly to saudi or US to settle". So you see the only responsibility they take on their shoulders is to send zakat back home. And the less privileged (or i should say unlucky) muslims back home strive to make their ends meet and dream to be in saudi one day. So this whole aspect of muslims going abroad is not just brain drain but a mass drain! and all these give opportunity to others to malign the muslim community (you might remember the famous statement of VHP during the riots " tumhare liye to 53 desh hai, hamare to sirf eek hi hai" ) What did the OIC do when muslims were being butchered in gujrat? They could have done something on papers but no visible outcome. They just don't have the authority. And it again comes back to Ummah's backwardness in technology. Lets not get into it and better stick to Indian muslims.

We should realise the importance of giving something back to the community. In this group we talk about stuff but there is no actual ground work. I wish we could bring all the muslim organization in India on a common platform and we IITians take a lead role in the affairs of governance. We are a small community of 200 or so members but the power of knowledge or perhaps the potential that we have is immense. We should give something back to this country and muslims in particular. Now lets talk about how do we do that…..


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