Posted by: Sharique | February 19, 2006

Nitish Kumar at best might be a good joke between bad serials

This is the article that appeared in The Hindu today….

Bihar won't change…


Nitish Kumar at best might be a good joke between bad serials



A LOT of people feel that now that we have got rid of Lalu, suddenly everything is going to be all right with Bihar. I say no Nitish or any other Kumar can change Bihar. I may sound cynical, but I have the following reasons to say that Bihar will not change until in Bihar:

* Everyone goes to work at nine and stays there at least until five without grinding and spitting tobacco in the office through the day;

* Everyone helps everyone without worrying about the other person's caste or cash;

* Everyone stops stealing electricity, reports against those still doing so, and pays his bills on time and demands better power supply, in that order;

* Everyone stops playing cards in the day time;

* Everyone is ready to confront crime, regardless of place, time and consequences;

* All railway passengers there pay full fare and buy tickets rather than pay three fourths and travel without ticket;

* All bus passengers demand and obtain a ticket before they pay the fare;

* Doctors first go to the hospital before going to their own private clinic;

* Schoolteachers insist they would much rather teach in the class than close the school for cattle census;

* All teachers stop private tuition and go to class, library and laboratory more enthusiastically than they go for tabulation of examination marks;

* All teachers award marks only after reading the script, rather than on the weight of recommendation behind it;

* All workers contribute national level work before they demand national level pay and perks;

* There is a social boycott of those who have more than their known sources of income;

* All there invest in their daughter's education more than they invest in her dowry and feast on her wedding day;

* Everyone leaves a square foot of space between the road and their house for the drainage rather than encroach it and place another brick upon it;

* Everyone treats a bank loan as capital for investment rather than not to be returned charity for fun;

* All upon retirement return to their villages and reduce the difficulties of life there through their presence and participation, rather than remain stuck in their dark and damp and uncomfortable flats in rurban areas Bihar so abounds in; and, finally,

* Until at least its elite travel the class for which they claim travel allowance.

The quality of people


The difference between any two States is not so much because the Chief Minister of one is a lot better than that of the other; it is because people in one have initiative and enterprise, and those in the other don't; people in one have some sense of shame and pride, in the other don't.

Because all those things I listed above are not going to happen in the foreseeable future I am sure Bihar is not going to change for the next few decades at least. Nitish Kumar at the best might be a good joke between bad serials. Call it cynical if you will!

(The writer, Professor, IIT Madras, is a native of and frequent visitor to Bihar)


Well very true so i decided to reply him….

Dear Sir,
I just read your article in The Hindu. I definitely agree with you when you talk about the people of Bihar changing their perspective and contributing towards development. But this mindset has taken decades to set in and can be conspicuously attributed to the indifferent attitude of Laloo towards development. Under his governance no heed was paid to any sector of the society and this has lead to the present state of mind of Biharis. You would definitely acknowledge the fact that 'brain drain' is rampant in the state and the major reason being lack of national level institutions in the state. People (including me) don't leave the state just for studies but with the intention never to return back! Coming out is like freeing ourselves from the bondage. Who would like to waste one's life in a state deeply immersed in corruption; where there is no difference between a person who commits a crime and a person on whom it is incumbent!

If the new government can at least make a head start by addressing these issues then it would be a great achievement for her. I realise that as youth we need to contribute by occupying influential positions in the state. It has to be a joint effort to get rid of the mess Laloo has left Bihar in. I was home this December. I could sense the excitement in people around. They feel that something is going to change for good. Traders are investing more and are closely following all the proceedings of the government. There are already reports in with regard to stricter rules being imposed on the government employees. I sincerely believe that Nitish should be given a chance before writing him completely off. But i understand its a difficult task ahead for him.



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