Posted by: Sharique | February 11, 2006


This is a part of my reply to someone's 😛 mail.
See men are men and women are women. You can't compare two completely entities just for the sake of doing it. Men have few qualities which are not inherent to women and vice versa and one's success lies in mastering those qualities and playing your part in this world. (Shakespeare said right this world is a stage and we actors in it). Now comes the point of women being suppressed and being exploited for the lust and satisfaction of desires of men, no doubt these are barbaric and inane in 21st century. So how does a women powers herself? she can by being knowledgeable both in terms of diniya and sharia.. she needs to know her rights as a muslim women and implement those in her life.
So women should have the knowledge. Same is the case with duniya.. she should acquire knowledge but the responsibility that's of utmost importance is her being a mother! she cannot sacrifice that for her job… i know u can argue that even men can sacrifice their jobs but u see the motherhood cannot be substituted fatherhood.. believe me.. be a good mother first and if ur children become pious and successful, then that would be a great achievement (remember akhirat and the questions) so women should equip themselves with knowledge.. i don't discourage women from working but not at the expense of family… they should excel in the field she thinks she is a genius..

And now to your concerns about working after marriage.. i have no idea how he is and what are his views are but being in america and thus exposure to western custom must have made him open-minded. I say this because the irony of the situation among indian muslims is that their rituals and customs do not conform to islam even though they are think they are!! the problem is these are customs that have set in our culture…got nothing to do with religion.. women are not allowed to work, not given proper education and also kept away from religion (by not allowing her inside mosque). As far as my knowledge is concerned Islam does allow women to work but not at the sake of transgressing norms of religion. You need to interact with gair-mahrams which islam doesn't allow..u could argue that the same is true for men. Well it is and as a matter of fact the same rule hold good for them but the problem is if they don't go to earn where do u expect the household expenses to come from? they have no other choice…and its incumbent upon them to lower their gaze.

People talk about women competing with men in all fields but who are they? non-muslims right.. for them the only success that matters to them is this world and also notice the kind of family they live in.. they have no moral or ethics.
I can understand that seeing your counterparts in other religion who also have the urge to match them but remember not at the expense of religion!!

and here is one interesting article


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