Posted by: Sharique | February 9, 2006

Few of my assignments

I have decided to post few of my assignments submitted in a course of communication. I kind of adore him (click here for more) for his teaching skills. He definitely stands at a level that cannot be easily surpassed. The way he interacts and gets student involved, mesmerizes me….. i have been regular to his class. I thanks him for the interest he has provoked in me for the subject. Well my situation last semester has also got something to do with my renewed interest.
Getting late to class

I was getting late to class so decided to run but unfortunately the class had already begun, the professor was in and there was no way I could have entered without his permission. He saw me and made a hand gesture asking me to go away. But I thought of staying back hoping to convince him. He was busy teaching but whenever his eyes fell on me I tried to show him how concerned I was. Finally he asked me the reason of being late and I pounced upon the opportunity. I tried to explain him that the professor left me late and his immediate reaction was “why didn’t you ask him to leave you? It’s none of his business to intrude into someone else’s allotted time slot”. I thought to myself that I can never muster the courage to say so to a professor. Then I tried to convince him by saying he was teaching a very intriguing chapter and he got so involved that he had to finish it today and it would have been an insult to him if I were to interrupt him. But still there were no signs of leniency from him. I then promised him never to do that again and that I am missing something great standing out of his class. Still he was unmoved and continued his teaching. I decided to hang on so as to convince him that in fact I am missing something great. Luckily it did the trick and I was allowed in.

Now this is just a short write up. I saw people submit multiple pages explaining their point but you see to make it realistic i didn't write much….c'mon an incident of few minutes cannot be stretched to hours….you make quick decisions and hope they get right….

Comparison of news reports on Earthquake

Sources The Dawn (Pakistan media) and The Hindu (Indian Media) on 9th October 2005.


Both the media reports have highlighted the gravity of the situation expressing it in quotes like “powerful earthquakeandmost powerful earthquake to hit the region in 100 years”. They also give some rough estimate of casualties. Both have highlighted the magnitude of destruction caused, the relief work and the aids offered by various countries. Both of these reports were quick in quoting government officials with regard to destruction caused. They highlighted the need for quick rehabilitation work and mentioned the huge foreign aid that was promised my international donors.

The Indian media report was mostly based on foreign news agencies but the Pakistan media report was based on in person reporting from the site.

The reports in Pakistan media were biased towards PoK (Azad Kashmir, as they call it) and on the other hand Indian media gave equal weight age to both parts of Kashmir. The reports in Pakistan media were detailed ones with regard to the relief work and visits by the dignitaries but the Indian ones were an overview of such events. The Indian media focused more attention on actual ground realities with importance given to inability of Pakistan crisis management and highlighting the good will step taken by the Prime Minister of India. .” According to the President, the country immediately needs helicopters and medicines to meet the situation”. The Hindu

President Musharraf said the authorities reached promptly and the rescue operations had started immediately. The army, police, CDA and other volunteers were here for the rescue, he added. He said all the agencies were coordinating in providing relief and all resources would be made available for the rescue work.”

“The president said the government was pursuing an affective strategy to tackle the situation. He said Pakistan Air Force and Army Aviation were already using C-130 aircraft and ten MI-17 helicopters and were providing relief goods and casualties were being evacuated from the affected areas”

Pakistan media reports reflecting the promptness of relief work.

These differences prove the influence of government control over media in Pakistan and comparatively free press in India. Indian press reports were univocal in bringing out the mismanagement of PoK and delay in relief work there as compared to Indian Kashmir. The Pakistan media tried to hide the difficulties in relief work caused my militancy in the area, on the other hand Indian media gave prominent importance to it.


The photos published in Pakistan media tried to strike a balance between the plight of those who suffered and the humanitarian gesture shown by local public so as to create the ‘feel good factor’. On the other hand Indian media report focused more on Indian relief being sent and plight of Kashmiris suffered in the earthquake.




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