Posted by: Sharique | February 8, 2006

lifelong disappointment : there’s no i hate you in team

Found this interesting… I wonder if i do the same some years down the line. I wonder what job will suit me the best. On one hand i wanna join IAS but then there are problems associated with government jobs. I have been a close spectator of this… my father forced to live in small towns so my education was never at par with some of my friends here…. i wish i was in a big city so that my creativity would have had an added advantage and i wish i was born and brought up in Hyderabad:)) got to do with the quality of people;) and education. I would also have many friends…perhaps or i am better what i am now!?!?!? Its so confusing, only time will tell and i am so eagerly waiting for MY DAY!
I have also been thinking about my future spouse:)) I saw a movie few months back in which the girl had a peculiar disorder. She had an accident on her father's birthday and lost her memory. Now after that accident everyday for her was her father's birthday so everyday she wakes up with the memory of everything before that and nothing new goes in her mind… the people she meets, the places she visits or things thats she do, all are forgotten the next day. Now i wish i had someone like her to live my life with:)) because its a new challenge everyday for me to woo her…. i hate stagnant and monotonous life and i would have a great time getting her to love me every single day. Its going to add new dimensions and a thrill i always dream of. Well its highly unlikely that it is going to happen… see i always say that's how life is!! can't do a thing about it………..
You rarely get what you dream but at least you get what you don't dream. That's How life is!Read more at lifelong.disappointment…


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