Posted by: Sharique | January 20, 2006

Our glass vessels!!

I found in on the net somewhere. Interesting na:)

We would like to take this time to apologize to the women of our times.

“We apologize to you for all of the times we talked, when we should have listened. Became angry, when we should have been patient. Acted, when we should have waited. Feared, when we should have delighted. Scolded, when we should have encouraged. Criticized, when we should have complimented. Said no, when we should have said yes. Said yes,
when we should have said no. We may act like we know it all, and we dont ask for help. Sometimes we try to hard and demand so much. We try to mold you into our image of what we want, instead of discovering and nourishing you as you emerge and grow”.


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