Posted by: Sharique | January 20, 2006


I met shwetanshu & pathak after a long time. They dropped in at Chennai for few hours during the process of changing trains. It was so heartening to meet them; we really have been so close. In fact our stay in bokaro has formed a ever lasting bond among us. They haven’t changed a bit, sattu with his comical mocking and pathak with weird conclusions. But I feel pathak tried to avoid me… the way he just left after the train arrived, aware of the fact that I was coming to meet them! He has always been like that. We talked about few old memories. They seem really worried about their future. And then there were few vengeance against girls; I chipped with in with few: )) Agaha I am not getting into her anymore (all my posts have been shifted to a safe place;) ).
Whatever they seem so casual about their relationship… i wonder am i the only man with so much concern?? I suppose i should be like them:)

Well it’s been long since I was happy. All because of me, why the hell I didn’t study? People with me are going places, an intern at MIT, a $90,000 job and what not. As for me a Rs. 5,000 intern and I suppose a mediocre job next year. But I am not going to be ungrateful to Allah. C’mon look at my other friends, call centre job, studying in unknown colleges with no job guarantee and few struggling to make theirs ends meet.
But I can’t sit idle. I fucked up my acads so I now need to study hoping to improve my situation with CAT and app. I seriously do need to study damn it! I had enough and cannot take it anymore. I have always been this jealous. Lets hope things improve in future.


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