Posted by: Sharique | November 19, 2005

Why the hell I am blogging! I have my end sems next week so I should be studying. But the problem is I don’t have the notes; I started with D slot but nothing went in my head so went head with B and there I don’t have the slides. So I am left with no other option but to blog and talk about me this time ;). Well I try to fit into anyone of the characters of Dil Chahta hai then I suppose I am a blend of Aakash and Sid. I am upto a certain extend individualistic and don’t like people intruding into my privacy.. zayada chipakne waale log pasand nahi hai. I take lot of time to get close to anyone; I pick my friends so that means all don’t qualify to me my good friend. I have this strange sixth sense of mine that I use to guess someone’s attitude and his/her feelings towards me. I look for qualities that resemble mine like being sensitive, emotional and caring. I also make sure that intellectual match. Then I suppose I am different to different people, in other words each one of my friends knows one aspect of my life (it’s because I talk to them about stuff that’s of their interest which implies one particular aspect of my life).


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