Posted by: Sharique | November 16, 2005

That’s how life is!!

Perhaps one of the saddest day of my life S. Got my first 0 in life!! It was bad. I cannot blame anyone for that; it was my mistake I didn’t study so now I need to suffer. But the good news is it’s a pass-fail course for me so I have some breathing space. I need to study now. And then I even took my self study quiz paper, nothing much in it as well. I am tensed now, worried about the end sem exams. This semester started on such a good note, I had a job in hand, got my new mobile and Shaastra. But now everything seems to have fallen out of place now; I got so busy with Shaastra that I had to drop my job (planning to work during December), even academically nothing seems to go right now (I need to study so much now but don’t have the enthu 😦

Well this post has been edited because there are few things in life that are better hidden 🙂
This was done after the biggest shock of my life. So it a new start. Lets hope things go on well.


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