Posted by: Sharique | October 30, 2005

Few decisions

I have decided few things in life today.
1. Never to go shopping without my mother:). I had tough time selecting a T shirt yesterday. I suppose sis got pained, she kept on showing me different designs but unfortunately none of them appealed me. We spent some 1 hour searching for it; finally I bought one just for the sake of buying it! I never thought I was so choosy or perhaps the collections were not of good quality:)).

2. Second I should partially return to impassive shell of mine. Never really speak my heart out to someone. It’s because I have very few takers of it. They don’t understand me and I end up making fool of myself. It’s because I am just another guy for them, they have their own priorities in life and they simply can’t reciprocate the feelings I have for them. When I love someone I also expect the other to respond with the same amount of love. I don’t want them to make fun of my emotions or just neglect them. I would make the best of friends provided we both respect each others feelings, no one sided affair.
There are very few people whom I have really expressed myself but unfortunately perhaps the ‘not so’ right ones. But then I suppose its not their fault…c’mon they cannot love or respect me just because I do!!
So I should wait for the right person and time to explode. And to others I am going to be less frank and tougher rather than melting down, in front of them, to my emotional outbursts. Basically use my Boy Sense!

I have been impassive all these years just because I never got a friend or a relative to talk to about all these. So when I decided to come out of it and be more expressive. But unfortunately none of them did really understand me. I don’t want people to pity me so that means I need to wait for the right opportunity to do so.


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