Posted by: Sharique | September 9, 2005

Another one of those f****** Fridays

Decided to post today because something happened that just shattered me. I never expected a person whom I trust to act this way, perhaps for the first time I judged a person wrongly. And that was it the biggest mistake of my life but still I somehow feel that there has been a communication gap, thanks to that cell phone girl. I am broken; feel like as if a hurricane just took everything I had. I never expected that a human relation would lead me to such intense
emotional suffering. Well I tried to sleep in the afternoon but couldn’t, wondering how would my future shape up after this. Why did this happen to me? Why can’t things just happen normally in my life? Fridays have always been a disaster for me and today was no exception. I was so happy the night before, enjoying with my co-coords and the char-minar. But all good things do come to an end. As I was walking down the corridor I saw ‘him’ sitting happily in his room. There are some people who are happy ruining lives of many and then there are those who are sad because they want to see others happy. Well then That’s how life is!!! How can forget this….. never
I still cannot digest the fact that it happened, I still have hope alive. I can’t even imagine living without that human being. Seriously can’’t.


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