Posted by: Sharique | August 15, 2005

Well well well I was too busy during these days to post. My return journey can be described as "paar par kulhadi hi nhai marna balke poori tarah se paar kat lena!!"

Sunday morning was a bad one, had severe stomach ache and finally was admitted to the hospital. So for the first time in my life I had to take the torture bed; I was like a fish out of the water for a while no respite from the pain I was under.

Finally all have arrived. Bhave was the last to come. The English prof was on him and I hope he admits him in his class. Well about out English prof, he is a very egoistic man. He has been giving us arbit assignments. It will be tough going this semester… no proxies, no late going to class and I am now a MATAK!!

Shaastra is going on well so far.But the real pain will start once the work of play field starts.



  1. Hi..dude…so hows iitm..ok…me passed two yr ur in which yr…cool was just searching for indian blogs in blog explosion found urs…ok then happy blogging..all the best…–>

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