Posted by: Sharique | July 25, 2005


I am having tough time coping up with the dial-up net connection,frequent power-cuts and my incessant
laziness. Well i am in home right now, returned on Thursday after 36 hours train ride and 2 hours travel on
road. Travelling in trains has always fascinated me because of the diversity it has to offer in terms of people,
language and above all the view outside. I have never lived in a village so its always exciting to see people work
in farms and other glimpses of rural life. I always dream that my train should pass through a dense forest and
there will be animals around, perhaps similar to the excursions shown on Discovery channel. But then i can
only hope.
Coming to people around this time; there was mostly engineering students from B’lore, probably returning
after final exams, there was one Tamil (perhaps in the army) and 2 men (related in some sense) and their 
juvenile servant, poor chap had to bear a lot of their gaalis. Never expect me to start a conversation; none
started with me so i was silent for most of the time but deeply absorbed in The Alchemist. Its story about fate,
omens and bad lucks. Its about a Spanish shepherd, his bizarre dream of treasure in the pyramids and his year
long  journey. The whole story revolves about omens and their importance in Arabian life. The irony of the
story was that the treasure was hidden at the place where the shepherd had the dream and he got to know of
this when he reached the Pyramids!!
But finally the silence was broken and i was asked the question "where do you study". My usual answer is that i
am doing engineering but few inquisitive people try to get deep into it and ask me about the college and when i
answer they are just mum(the agony of not qualifying can easily be noticed on their faces) . Few narrate their
stories of failed attempts at JEE and few wonder what IIT is!( and thats the most painful part of it, to explain
them i had to clear an all India level test and there was no donation involved!~!).
Now i am enjoying at home, good food and lot of sleep.


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