Posted by: Sharique | July 15, 2005

Chennai sucks!!

Chennai seriously sucks. Left late from office as i was waiting for Bala sir, but unfortunately he was very busy. So decided to take a bus. It was so crowded; those stinking tams were falling on me from all sides. And the bus was give-up, it halted at at every bloody stop even the mini buses went ahead of it. I thought of getting down at SRP stop but to my surprise it didn’t halt there, which i suppose was due to its stoppage at a signal before it. It kept going and i finally got down near the railway station, which was kilometers away from iit. I was so furious at the conductor but didn’t speak a word out, i have always been like this; har cheez to ghoont ghoont ke pii lena aur eek lafz bhi nahi nikalna. Kept on cursing the tams,this place and the bus. I missed my Asar due to the fucking bus. Couldn’t stop the tears coming out, i wish S was a reality and with me. I would have spoken my heart out at this. What made chennai get the metropolitan status is a mystery to me. Narrower roads, garbage all around, poor connectivity and above all the language Tamil. I have no idea how people manage with such a rude language, there is absolutely no sweetness associated with it. When someone speaks it is like he is throwing stones at you.
I am never satisfied with what i have; i already have a nokia 6600 but now planning to sell it and buy D500. There are so many people to talk to but i always look for S. But i have never been that close to them to tell all these, might be. I have many friends but that’ jigree yaar ‘ has always been missing from my life.



  1. You may be a emotional person.. Something is missing here..

    ..but be a human first.

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