Posted by: Sharique | July 14, 2005

Tough day today

Got my second stipend. My excitement level has gone down. 2 months of hard work finally had its toll on me. It was tough living alone. I needed to talk to someone but there was no one to listen to me, so i thought of maintaining a blog where i can express myself. Don’t know whether i can maintain it after classes begin. Next semester will be very hectic shaastra, project in Proteck and those stupid courses (there are 2 courses of solar reddy next sem !!). But i am happy to be dual; no tension of CAT, GRE or aping. The Btechs are having a tough time coping up with them.
It was a tough day at office. Design can get on your nerves. I finally ended with 3 or 5 variables, banging my head all day trying to optimise them. It was like controlling many kids at the same time when you take control of one someone else runs away and when you control him someone else escapes!! Finally gave up in the afternoon. Lets see how things turn up.

Again that loneliness has come back to haunt me , so that means ‘S’ has to me more patient listening to me. Feel like speaking my heart out.


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