Posted by: Sharique | July 13, 2005

Lucky or is it my fate

Had a great start to the day. Was with Bala sir and then we went to Arvind to discuss the feasibility of our design, a completely new idea is coming up with multiple punching head. It was great to be a part of the discussion; they are very experienced with regard to punch presses. Both had their pseud mobiles on the table, i also thought of doing the same;) mera bhi kisi se kam nahi hai.
Well nothing much for the rest of the day. In afternoon i called up HER and explained to her the blog(her friend was in hurry so couldn’t talk much). Bhave (my shaastra core) got pained because of the delay but my senti mail seems to have calmed his anger. He called me up and inquired if a help is needed and asked me to be in touch. But seriously my co-ords are give-up. Except for Anurag no one really helpled me frame both the problems. Toto is the real joru ka ghulam ready to leave anything for her so he didn’t have time. I am lucky that ‘S’ is still imaginary, i don’t know how things will turn up when she becomes a reality. Lucky or is it my fate.
Well i think fate is something fixed and its luck that is temporary. In mathematical language luck is derivative of fate, so not just sign but rate is also important. A high positive rate is desirable to call oneself lucky! Fate is what Allah fixes and any change in it, due to our deeds, is brought about by luck. I have often heard people complaining that their dua is never accepted, i also had the same complaint, but i have heard from some Alim that the non-acceptance of dua is a blessing in disguise.


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