Posted by: Sharique | July 10, 2005

Saturday night fever

Didn’t go to office today, hoping to find some research papers or some literature on mechanism. Nothing came out so i ended with wasting the whole day. Dum dum gave his birthday treat in the evening.Saturday evenings have always been so relaxing for me. Decided to watch Love Actually again, it has many parallel love stories going on simultaneously. Its about people with different flavours of love and how they met their fiance. The most interesting among them was the relationship between an Englishman and a Portuguese girl, they didn’t understand even a word of each other but still fell in love. You see love cannot depend on someone’s smartness or how well someone speaks, if it would have been the case then all the handsome guys would never be single :). It all depends upon the understanding, the ability to suppress one’s desires and sacrifices. S are you listening. I often wonder how will i meet you. If everything goes on well and it all boils down to proposing, I don’t think i can you have to take the crucial step my dear. The only reason I can’t because i fear refusal and i have got no idea how crazy i will go after that. It will take a hell lot of time to recover and even if I, i cannot completely forget about it.


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