Posted by: Sharique | July 9, 2005

Nothing much today.Came early today from office.Decided to have a medium size pizza as lunch, but unfortunately it was well below the standards of Dominos.The cheese was of inferior quality.
In the evening had a chat with HER, as usual it was a long one.Its a strange coincident that we share so many things in common. To name a few we both hate make-ups, not comfortable with strangers but as friendship grows we become frank, have a good sense of humour, emotional, not very close to our mothers….. the list goes on.It has been great chatting with her considering the fact i have no one out here to talk to.(Except for Miss 'S')
O… S.Know something i had that stupid pizza and after that couldn't sleep properly in the afternoon.I wish you were here and make something something to eat.Don't know how long i need to wait for that.I always dream of settling down in a cold country (Antartica perhaps) i love those cold nights.ooooo can't wait.Anand sent a couple of sms today.He has gone a lot of transformation.He never told me that he got in Symbiosis,Pune.I don't know whats the problem with him, we shared everything before.Lifes like that old people go out and new come in.


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