Posted by: Sharique | July 7, 2005

Satisfying day!

Had a great start to the day. Met Bala sir in the morning, but there wasn’t much of a discussion so we planned a meeting tomorrow morning. Then i was just counting the hours to leave finally got pained and left at lunch. Just before leaving opera asked me to meet some profs so as to figure out what exactly was going wrong. I did that. huh he was a stud prof. He was a man of principles .And promised that he wont let me go out of his office unsatisfied. And true to his words he did what ever he could to help with the doubt i had.He has almirahs filled with just books and research papers He was kind enough to give me the print outs of the stuff i needed, but he didn’t give me that Wedge mechanism. He was furious at the company, he blamed them for using me as a link to get information free of charge! I will suggest his name to Bala Sir as a consultant for the company.
Finally she gave me a missed call at around 3:30 but i saw it when i came out at around 4:30.I thought she would have left but still i called to confirm and luckily she was there.It was great hearing someone’s voice after months of chatting. Her voice was very matured for a 20 years old girl but very smart and charming. Well I thought to myself girls mature early…right.
She dominated most of the conversation ok then next time..:)
Watched the last part of As good as it gets. Interesting movie where a very pessimistic old man finally ends up with a very emotional divorced waitress. Charming and truly a class act. The acting reminds of my performance in a skit at school. I finally was able to pull out that actor in me and stunned the whole auditorium with my senti death scene. Even Aruna Luke mam( our chemistry teacher) had few words of appreciation to convey in the class the next day.


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