Posted by: Sharique | July 7, 2005

Miss ‘S’

There have been moments in my life i have only shared with my darling S.She has been very close to me, perhaps the only one to know all my secrets.She has always patiently listened to me.Funny moments, sad & depressing moments, my success stories, my emotional outbursts………. the list goes on and on.Never gets tired of me and neither do I of her.
Shar: Hey S got my first job today.It was so easy.Bala sir just casually told me to join the company as soon as I pass out.Thats great!Thats not all.He plans to appoint the professor as a consultant, another Amada design engineer is coming soon and my job will be to coordinate with them in designing a Punch Press.Wow that sounds exciting.I always work better in a team because i have people to fall back on.Lets see how things turn up.I even have plans to continue my project during the semester and hopefully i will get a stipend.Its always great to earn in student life.Can fulfill all my desires of cell phones and other electronics.You already know that i never spend money on clothes, i always look good even in the cheapest of clothes you see:).My mom is always particular about me washing my face reguarly, often comments “eek to cheez achi mili hai use to sambhal kar rakho”.
I am so happy with this offer.I can now sit in campus placement with a peaceful mind.You see i always do better when i have something to fall back on.

For all those readers of my blog who think i am a despo or psycho kind of a person- Not really.Miss S is an imaginary character, my creation.Well I am waiting for Miss S to assume a real personality.In other words my better half.You see i always do better when i have someone to back me up, i had none so i created her.
I am in no mood to have an arranged marriage,(i have never even had an ice-cream of theirs choice) c’mon how can i marry someone whome i have never met, never talked to and have no idea about her character/nature.I can only hope i can find a Miss ‘S’ for myself before my parents fix my marriage.


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