Posted by: Sharique | July 5, 2005

Unlucky days always occur in pairs

Nothing went according to my plans. Yesterday we left early (at 5) but boarded the wrong bus, so had to change and finally reached room at the usual time!Today we planned to leave after lunch but opera told me that Bala sir might be free in the afternoon so i had to wait for him but unfortunately he wasn’t, some people from Japan had come.Then i dropped sambar on my white shirt and finally missed the Proteck bus today while returning.But you see all good and bad things come to an end.In the evening had a good chat with Nishant after a long time.
But the worst of all was the quarrel of Nisheeth with Dum Dum. The day i walked out of the friendship, i never really was concerned about Nisheeth.And why the hell should i have been.His ego always a factor that irked me a lot.He never really listened to me or for that matter of fact anyone.He always had the notion that he is intellectually ahead of everyone so all the people are wrong and only he is right.Basically i got pained with this attitude of him and a similar fundaes of Noemaun, thats why i was trying to avoid their company. These people are a hell to deal with.Always trying to prove that i am inferior to them be it acads or anything they can lay their hands on, me being a bihari or my preferances. They think they are smart!Huh they are idiots who will pay for all these at some point of their life.
Whatever, i have lost all hopes of getting a good friend, atleast in IIT. I was so happy with my school friends.India ke saare namoone yahi aaye hai. I do seriously need that jigree yaar to share my feelings, sit on the sea shore and just talk and keep talking.Few people can claim to be my that close… when i was a kid it was Ayona didi, she was some 4 years senior to me but still we i was very close to her…. then it was my imaginary character ‘S’ ! S can claim to be closest to me(more on S in future posts) ……then there school mates like Anand , Sushant,Rahul Pathak,shwetanshu……. fianally there were DPS mates like Shashank,Murari,Navneet,Nishant…. not so close to them.
No idea what future has in store for me.I always hope for a better future.Lets see.


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