Posted by: Sharique | July 1, 2005

Every good thing has to end!

Got late today for office, wasn’t even willing to go but somehow i picked myself up. Was idle for the first few hours.Then finally opera came to me to discuss his mechanism, he claims to have made it,also got approved from Bala sir and was getting the quotations to put things in place. While discussing i found that he has made a blunder in the resolution of forces, actually he took the component of a force that would have been caused by the original force!!And that was it, he must have felt as if the whole world has fallen on him. Everything is gone, the propasal, the project and more important his reputation.Bala sir was so dejected, he found time of his busy schedule to meet me twice regarding it and finally fixed a meeting tomorrow.I hope everything fine.

That was the good part of the day.I decided to watch a movie after dinner.And it turned out to be a movie on the jews atrocities. It was so touching, a father laying his life down for his son as a birthday present.Now that made my heart melt, even though he was jew.The atrocities were totally unjustified and i don’t know what made Hitler do that.Don’t feel like writing more.Hey i forgot one thing, i finally managed to gather all courage to send a sms to HER but no reply)::(
I always hope for a better future!!


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