Posted by: Sharique | June 30, 2005

Had a successful day:). Well i was finally able to convince Bala Sir that i was right with my physics and the force does goes to 0 as the punch moves down.C'mon how can i be wrong with my physics, afterall the only achievement i can really boast is my marks in FIITJEE open test (67, all india highest 78)You need to write the open test to know what is it like.
Nothing much till evening. SHE agreed to work on the flash for the Shaastra blog.I hope she comes up with something great.We had a chat for some 2&1/2 hours.I think one can compile a book if all the conversions are collected!We have talked about everything from relationships to yahoo chat rooms and from careers plans to marriages.It was a coincident that we met on skype and now it has turned into good friendship.I never had such a friendship with anyone i met on internet.There are people like sadabahar Hidayath, always full of energy and then people like Jawed bhai, who care for me like an elder brother.It has been great.But internet had a strong impact on my CG as well.It fell like anything during 3rd year.Lets hope for a better future.


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