Posted by: Sharique | June 26, 2005

Nothing much today. Just a normal sunday. Life comes to a standstill on sundays in IIT.Its a time to relax after a hectic week of work.Even the restaurants aren't open.I took my lunch at Andhra Mess today.3 years have gone by but still i am yet to get accustomed with the food culture here.There are many food items i haven't tasted as yet, for example the rasam or the curd rice. People generally take some part of rice with Sambar and the remaining with rasam or curd. For me i take all in one go. Still i don't like rice and would prefer Roti. But it's difficult to find here except for the Dhaba Express, which is a punjabi restaurant.

Loneliness was my only companion during the day.My relations with Nisheeth haven't improved till now.I don't know who is at fault but communication gap is a major factor for the divide.I remember Anand's quarrel with Rishi, that was for a woman (our english teacher!!), in which Anand frequently mentioned communication gap as a major factor behind the divide.I wondered how can it be a factor."Just go and talk buddy" I used to say. But now i realise how important it is. Because no one wishes to come forward and take the guilt on himself, and so the divide keeps growing and finally takes the form of rancor. I can only hope the issues are resolved as quickly as possible.

Called home in the night.Mummy again asked me about my future plans.She wants me to write CAT. She is in no mood to support my stance on a job after IIT. But i wish to start earning as early as possible, then settle down with a family (plan to marry early :)). MBA means 2 more years of education and that implies 2 more years of those stupid exams.I wish i could talk to someone all these.I can only hope!!!


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