Posted by: Sharique | June 25, 2005

Had a bad day today!

Well i decided to buy a flip phone.I finally got one.I decided to go little adventurous and buy it from Chor Bazar.I reached by 10:30.And as soon i stepped into the Bazaar, people just pounced on me.I followed one of them to his shop.I informed me that i also want to sell my Reliance phone, he offered me 250!! Reliance phones don’t have a resale value.Eventually i sold it for 450.I now regret it, i should have sold it on ebay.Those guys were so country level, thats why i have already avoided people like them, they have lust for money and for that they can go to any level.I was slowly having the feeling that he will beat me up if i don’t buy from him, and further i went alone…I should have taken someone but then you never know before making a mistake that you are doing one.Finally after a lot of bargain i got the phone for 3.6 K.When i reached my sweet room of mine i thought to myself Jaan bache to lakho paye, laut ke budhu ghar ko aaye!!!
But every bad thing has a end.After taking dinner i met Mama, he took me to his room and there we made Papaya Milkshake.Was cool! I am feeling a lot better now.I watched a great movie to end the day on a high note.It was Love Actually.I don’t know when will i get my love.I really need one not a general flirt but a serious relationship, so that i can talk about things that happen to me, share my feelings, listeb to her and discuss ideas.I have been waiting for ling now.Nearly all my freinds have busy with their gfs, i feel left out.It’s not because i can’t but i am waiting for the right one.Sabr ka phal meetha hota hai. Lekin ab sabr nahi hota.Lets hope i find one quickly…………….


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