Posted by: Sharique | June 24, 2005

Couldn't post for the last few days because network was down.Nothing much during these days.There are rumours that the CC plans to change the ips to dynamic, so that means no sharing on LAN and no waste, now that sucks!!Restrictions were already in place for p2p transfers, now what they are upto.I am sure that we will get through the firewall someday!
I didn't go to office today, hoping to work on Matlab and producing some result.Got the results but not sure, thinking of going directly to Bala.Opera seems very busy these days.It seems the Laser Machine is finally taking some concrete shape.
Again that loneliness has come back to haunt me.All have left.Toto is busy with his girlfriend, obviously he will not spend time with me.We used to go out to the beach,but now there are no possibilities.During my stay at IIT i have not been able to make friends like i had in Hazribagh.They were really close, shared most of my feelings with them.I really need a good friend so that i can talk and enjoy.It seems my criteria of choosing a friend is so strict that few get through:). Its not my fault.I still remember those school days of mine when i didn't have any.I have always been a shy character (i still fear talking to a stranger on phone, kind of a phobia it seems) and furhter i had little to offer to others.I was ok in studies just because of laziness and parental neglegence.My mother were busy with my younger brother and Daddy didn't have time for me.So who cares for studies.But later my mother started caring for me, made me to forcibly study in the evening.My maths was week so my dad started teaching me the subject, the results of which were soon outstanding.Then there was a incident i could never forget in my life.It was PT meeting after a terminal exam.The names of students who were in top 3 was displayed on the blackboard.My mother was supposed to come but she got late.Meanwhile the parents of the toppers came , i kept looking at them, their happy faces, i noticed their proudness of being the guide to the class topper.It made be feel bad.I wondered when will my mother get this oppurtunity, i wanted to see her happy and to be satisfied with the efforts she puts in for my studies.When she finally came, my arts teacher informed her that i just cleared her course basically i was given grace marks to pass!!That made her really angry.I was quiet, waiting for MY DAY.Next day in class i was taunted for this, they made fun of me.Now that was the moment which compelled me to study seriously.I never had the confidence of topping but then my hard efforts paid off.
Soon i was among the top three in the class.Hurray!! Thats when people like Narendra and Afshaan started talking to me.They were too jealous of my success.I still remember the day when Narendra repeatedly came and asked for my marks, he was having tough time digesting the fact that i was so close to him challenging his supremacy in the class.Afshaan to jal ke bhun gayee.She never would talk to me but from that day she started to be friendly with me, shared her tiffin, talked to me and let me stay in the company of her friends.The whole world seemed different to me.I was happy that i finally gave my mom something to be proud about.When i left the school (in 6th) i was the topper.I had developed some close friends but they are no where to be seen.I have been searching for them Gnagesh,Giri,Anindam(I hope he is the cricket team) and many more.


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