Posted by: Sharique | June 19, 2005

One month of training

Today i completed my first one month of summer training at Proteck.It was the most hectic month of my life.Working 6 days a week + 10-12 hours daily was painful.I often wonder how will i manage the job.Then i feel that i have always delivered when it required the most.Really Sharique!First time it was when, being an underdog, i topped my school.Second time it the BIG THING, yes the JEE.No one expected, only perhaps my close friends.I always had all the makings of an achiever but lacked the one thing which prevented me from performing.After so many years of contemplating i think it all boils down to my BAD LUCK and my laziness.They have always been with me denying me the success i always deserve, but then I am happy with all i have.Oh i completely changed the topic.

About Porteck, its a good tech. company but they need to improve their HR.I think Sam is the only person responsible for HR and they are expecting too much from him, he is a nice guy though.I am hopeful he will not crib in giving our stipends.Well not sure whether everyone deserves it or not but i definitely do, c’mon i just missed 2 working days becasue of fever and there were few days i packed early.But i must say that my guide,opera(we nicked him) should have a better one, he is not that experienced nor technical.I always hate talking technology to a non-tech person and if he happens to be my guide then i am having really bad time.The MD Mr. Bala is a nice person and i hope he remains the same.Lets see how things turn out in the next month.First few weeks have been great in terms of work but the later weeks were boring as i was stuck, they expect me design a complete machine!!Thats asking too much from me.If perhaps i am guided properly i can deliver something.Tomorrow is my second presentation.Lets see how things turn up.

Now about my friends and family.Today i posted my first picture email.All these days i have been using the wrong browser!!Gave me a great deal of satisfaction.But was unhappy about the attitude of Anand.He has become so formal in his approach, i think very concerned about his future but he has to value my friendship for him.Atleast share his pains,he never does!Sushant was , as usual, busy with his crushes!!I hope he finally settles with someone quickly.His roommate Pathak went one step further in choosing a girl.


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